Egrets Landing - Sugar Land, Texas

Project Value: $534,505.00

Project Location: 
16554 Creekbend Drive
Sugar Land, Texas 77478

Scope of Work:
DEMOLITION: Saw-cut and remove curbs to prepare for new entrances.

EARTH WORK: Strip site of top soil and vegetation and stockpile for re-spreading outside of paved areas( excess dirt to be removed).Rough grade site. Cut and fill at site re-using excavated soil as much as possible.Over excavate building pad to allow for 48" of select fill.Import select fill for building pad to 5'0" outside of perimeter of building line.( lifts to be compacted to specifications). Stabilize paving sub-grades 8" dep at 6% lime. Provide final grades,back-fill behind curds,and re-spread top soil from stockpile in noted areas on site.

UTILITIES: Provide and install 8" HDPE, 12" HDPE, 18" HDPE, 24" RCP, Grate Inlets (3 ea.),Junction box( lea.), Tie in 24" rcp to existing manhole. All above piping as per plans & specifications noted on plans. SANITARY: Provide and install 16" PVC Sch.40, Tie in 6" to existing manhole with external drop,provide(3Ea.) clean-outs. Water: Provide 2 %," PVC Sch. 40(domestic water line),1%" pvc Sch. 40 irrigation water line. 6" PVC C-900 fire line.6"
double detector backflow preventor at fire line(I ea:)'3" RPZ backflow preventor at domestic water line(lea) 1%, RPZ backflow preventor at irrigation line(lea) 2 % ", water meter at domestic water line in concrete box(lea) 1%," water meter at irrigation line in concrete box(lea) 6" gate valve with box(lea) 12 x 6 TS&V(lea) Provide and install 6" fire line from 5'0" from building to a blind flange 12" above finish floor. Provide and install irrigation sleeves as indicated on plans.

CONCRETE: heavy duty paving 7" 3500 PSI, #4@ 18" centers, medium duty paving 6" 3500 PSI, #4@ 24" centers,light duty paving 5" 3500 PSI #4@24" centers,approach paving 7" 3500 PSI # 4@18" centers, curbs (g) 7",ADA curb ramps bollards(install only) Light Pole bases and all sidewalks. All concrete work to conform to pains and specifications noted on plans. Site to be kept clean of debris,pertaining to this agreement. During excavation ,entry ways will be kept clean on a daily basis. All wash out areas to be in one location. All safety issues shall be observed and all appropriate PPE shall be worn as needed. Safety meetings will be complied with on a daily basis.


Demolition & Earthwork:   $ 82,626.00

Utilities:                             $ 104,849.00

Concrete:                          $ 347,020.00

Total:                                 $ 534,505.00

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